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About Us

William Copulos, Esq.

At The Copulos Law Firm we provided personal assistance by personable attorneys. You spoke directly to us, not to a paralegal. That meant more direct contact and results. No fees were assessed unless the client won. We were a results driven firm, there to serve you. We offered hospital and home visits upon request and were available for evening and weekend appointments. Our compassionate approach provided a blanket of comfort to our clients. Our aggressive style with adversaries had been noticed and appreciated by our clients. Of course, we agreed up front there would be no fee if there was no recovery (but we never had a case where there was no recovery), the initial consultation was free, and we advanced all costs. I remain committed to these same concepts. For referrals to attorneys who are similarly committed, contact us today.

The Copulos Law Firm handled only the following types of cases:

• Medical Malpractice
• Motor Vehicle Collisions
• Motorcycle/Bicycle/Pedestrian Injuries
• Wrongful Death
• Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
• Maritime Injuries
• Industrial/Construction Accidents
• Insurance Disputes


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